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Mark Hunter exposes Northern Rail fare increases

by Iain Roberts on 10 May, 2017

Mark Hunter with campaigners Clare and Neil handing out Mark’s commuter survey at Gatley station.

Cheadle Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Mark Hunter is calling for a big increase in rail fares to be scrapped.

On 21st May, Northern Rail are increasing their off-peak ticket prices by around 10%. This is on top of similar increases just last September. An off-peak day return from Bramhall to Manchester will increase from £5.40 to £5.90. A return from Gatley to Manchester goes up from £4.50 to £5. Heald Green increases from £4.80 to £5.30. The Cheadle Hulme return fare to Piccadilly increases from £5.10 to £5.40.

There has been no official publicity or consultation.

“Making it even more expensive to travel on our trains is wrong when everyone is feeling the pinch in their pocket, and crazy when we desperately need to cut the number of cars on our roads and reduce pollution,” said Mark Hunter. “Some ticket prices will have gone up by over 20% in just eight months.”

“The Conservatives have allowed Northern to sneak through this fare increase – it should be stopped,” Mark added.

The rise, exposed by Mark, has been reported in the MEN.

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